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Friday was mean to me. [Jun. 26th, 2009|10:33 pm]
Today wore me out.

I gave a friend's son his first haircut. I can only hope it is straight. No promises. When a 16month old starts squawking and squirming I let em loose. I have a kid, but don't have patience for other kids. Sometimes I don't even have the patience for mine. That's a whole other entry on guilt for another day.

Ever feel like you aren't really part of the world you are walking around in, but merely observing it? That's the best way I can describe today. I did hair and listened to everyone else chatter on. I didn't really feel like contributing anything to the world today. I just wanted to be an ignored part of it and go about my way and that is exactly what happened.

What does it say about you when you get better tips when you don't talk to people?

A co worker encouraged her 6th grade daughter to wear a bikini and not go swim in a t shirt and shorts to her first boy girl party. She asked what I thought, and I told her that if her daughter has a sense of modesty then it should be encouraged. She failed to automatically see that her kid would be half naked around boys going through puberty. I don't think she understood what I was saying.

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I'm halfway there middle age. [Jun. 16th, 2009|10:54 am]
Here I am. I have arrived at the ripe age of 25. Is this what I thought 25 would be like? Not at all. Quite the opposite really. Its all good though. (I say this because my kiddo is napping)

My birthday was pretty darn cool this year. My husband took the day off *GASP!* and we went and ran around all day. I'm really weird and felt like I was dragging him around everywhere. He wouldn't let me get stuff for Miles either. Talk about motherly guilt.

First we tried to look at the new lens I plan on getting. Oh the accessories that they make for cameras. Mmmmmm... Of course the store didn't have one so I'm just going to order the damn thing off the internet. Then we went and got some delightful smelly goods and some clothes for me. A lot of clothes I wear lately are only because they fit, not because I like them. I'm going to throw a lot of those out this week. We also looked at new laptops. I wanted a new one when he got a new one, but now I'm kinda attached to this one with all its quirks. If we can upgrade it I would like to keep it. The only thing I do that slows it down is CS3. Plus I really don't like Vista. The giant Macs were awesome! I'm sure I looked like the alien squeaky toys from Toy Story.

I got a new watch! This is a huge thing because I'm a little crazy. There are a list of requirements that have to be met. It has to have all the numbers, the day of the month, a plain background, and a solid silver metal band. Is that asking a lot? I wouldn't think so if it hadn't taken me years to find one. I found a great one that fit all the criteria, but the band is a bit lightweight. I said that and promptly gave Miguel an aneurysm. I got links taken out but need one more. They took out 3 and its not even so I want another one on the other side. See, a little bit crazy.

Dr. Who is the shiznit. Sci fi is running a mini marathon. I've already seen all of these, but they still rock my Tardis lovin socks.
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I refuse to buy a Kindle. Books belong on shelves. [May. 9th, 2009|10:55 pm]
My husband is pretty awesome sometimes.

I find books to read all the time. Most of the time they end up being turned into movies or shows. He is so freakin sweet and will watch it with me and try to talk to me about it. He makes fun of me because I'm a stickler for keep to the story. Its really great that he tries to be interested in my stuff in his own Miguel sort of way.
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Is it bad I drink wine out of plastic cups? [May. 3rd, 2009|10:01 pm]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]

Wine glasses and my dishwasher are not compatible. To be honest, my dishwasher is good for cups, plates and silverware. I can't wait to have a normal sized dishwasher. The one we have now is the Easy Bake Oven's long lost twin.

I had a whole entry mapped out in my mind. Grr.

I'm such a shit friend since I've had a kid. I never go anywhere with anyone. If I don't have him for the night all I want to do is enjoy quiet at my house. Sleep has taken priority over a social life. Plus, if I want to go any where he has to go with me and its kind of a pain because he goes to bed so early.

I need to go see Carina. I am jealous of her craft fu and exciting adventures. She gets to travel for work. I can't imagine all that I could do with all that time waiting or flying. Sometimes I daydream about riding the train to work and making blankets or hats. I have a whole big under the bed thing of fabric I need to get rid of. Any takers?

I'm rambling. One more chapter of vampire book and sleep.

Yes I know I should quit reading vampire books. I think its a phase. Eventually I will go back to buying random books that catch my eye. At least they aren't smutty romance novels.
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Practice makes perfect I suppose. [Apr. 13th, 2009|08:51 pm]
I am the type of person that likes to know why. Once I understand the basic principles to things, I can get more creative. When I was in school learning all the colors and what not it clicked. I understood how I had ended up with every color hair except the one I usually wanted. That is how knitting worked for me too. I got books and read as much as I could that explained it and didn't just show how it works. Now I'm jumping into this photography stuff and it is surprisingly difficult to find a book that explains why. I would like to know how, but I want to know why you do that. In the mean time I'm figuring it out as I go. It's irritating. It's not how my brain is wired. Here are some that I've done so far. Leave me some input if you could.
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Want to spend memorial day helping me move? [Apr. 9th, 2009|11:18 am]
Because anyone that does is more than welcome :) Or help me pack. Packing is really hard for me because I am so OCD about it. I want to label all the boxes too. Last time we we moved we had I think 2 weeks to try to pack and get moved. Lemme tell ya, I STILL can't find some stuff. This time I have plenty of time to pack so I need boxes boxes boxes!!! The other hard part about packing is trying to figure out what needs to stay out. I've never had to move with a kid either. The inlaws are going to San Angelo that weekend and I am not sending my son that far away for 4 days. Makes me super nervous. When he is older I'll think about it. What can I say, I'm a worrier. So, if anyone wants to come help me by entertaining the boy I'll give you super hugs.

Miles demands you help with the move!
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My child is huge. [Apr. 7th, 2009|12:31 pm]
[Current Mood |frustratedfrustrated]

He is 5 months on the 9th and he wears 6-9 month clothes. Some of those are getting snug on him. This kid is a goliath. He weighs about 20 pounds now. Ericka's son weighed 21 pounds when he was a year. Where this kid gets it from, I don't know. Once he wakes up we are going to go take him to get some shots. I'm one of those quasi-crunchy moms that delays the vaccines. Instead of doing 4 at once I get a couple here and a couple there and hold off on some until he is much older. Some people think its stupid, but those are mostly the ones that listen to doctors 100% of the time with no research of their own. A friend of mine thought I was talking out my ass because I told her the new guideline it to wait on solids until 6 months. The AAP suggests it for many well researched reasons. Well low and behold, her pediatrician told her that too and it shocked the hell out of her because she didn't do that with her last one. I can't see getting in any big hurry over it myself and obviously my kid is getting enough to eat.

We are trying to find somewhere to live again. There is a good sized apartment downtown above one of the stores, but the stairs are outside, metal, and steep and I don't know where the wrecker would go. There are a couple of houses but they cost more than a house payment. All the new apartments in town are income restricted and we make way too much to live there. Its actually pretty stupid because they charge a good amount for them so when you compare rent to the income you pay about 30-40% of your pretty low monthly income on rent. Yep, makes no sense to me either. It sucks because they are brand new and super nice. The other apartments are either ghetto or super expensive. I mean really, $800 a month for a 2/2? And we have to live in the city because of his job. Not a hard job at all!
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Wow, 2 months already?? [Mar. 26th, 2009|09:32 pm]
I didn't think it had been that long. Man, time is really flying.

Let me think.....what have I been doing....

Miles is 4 and a half months old. He now knows he has feet. He tries to put them in his mouth but I think the bottle gut gets in the way. He won't stay on his belly more than 5 minutes without a loud protest and laying on his face. It is so strange how you can get so mad and frustrated at someone so small, but the minute they start laughing at you doing the robot its all out the window. Ericka and Melissa both had their daughters. Now there is Kaylee, Kellen, Miles, Chloe and Zoey amongst the 3 of us. How odd is this? Zoey and Kaylee are both characters on Firefly and neither of them watched the show.

Miguel got the boy's foot prints on his shoulders. Its super cute. As cliche as it is, I found the most perfect Kurt Halsey picture. It's a mom and baby penguin. Oddly enough the baby looks like Miles. Its placement that I have problems with. I want it somewhere I can cover it super easy, but doesn't get fat, and I can see it. I have decided that if I can ever lose 10 freakin pounds I'll get the one I was planning when I got pregnant. I sit here bitching about not loosing weight when I could be doing my pilates. Lemme tell ya, that stuff kicks my ass. Ok, my "core" than my ass, but whatever.

I bought a new camera and got a really sweet deal on it. Its a Canon Rebel Xs. Every time I take pictures there are maybe 4 good ones for every 100 I shoot because I'm still trying to figure it out. All the auto settings can't be messed with and they all involve the flash. I have always hated the standard flash they put on cameras. Handy Many at Miguel's job knows a whooooole lot about my camera, but its hard to ever find time for him to show me anything. I may approach this like knitting - buy a book and go for it. I also want to get a good photoshop. Im thinking cs3 or start with elements. As I said to my husband, "I don't want to shop Jesus into our wedding pictures. I just want to tweak the colors a little." That's right, he picked me :)

New pet peeve: literally.

When I hear something along the lines of " I literally exploded from eating tater stew" it makes me want to stab them in the face. What is that!?! You didn't LITERALLY explode!! GAHH!!! Also, what is up with the stupid applications on Facebook?? I don't care about what 90s movie you are, or what your favorite beer says about your mother. The new layout is crap too. The appeal of Facebook, for me at least, is that you don't have all that stupid crap that is on Myspace. The ads on there alone make me want to gouge my eyes. I don't care how you lost 25 pounds in one week. Its called bulimia and its not new honey. I don't care about a cutest baby contest because my kid shits rainbows and you can't tell me otherwise. I also don't care about the 10 daily surveys you feel the need to fill out, when they all ask the same stupid questions about what you had for breakfast or who smelled your last fart. That is what twitter is for. I guess I have gotten old and grumpy and am taking it out on the internet. Lolcats will forever be awesome though.
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Uncle Sam hides his Glock in that giant hat of his [Jan. 26th, 2009|09:12 pm]
Its that time of the year again. You get paper work and see how much Uncle Sam likes you. Before I was all old and married and what not, tax time was easy breezy. 1040 ez and on my way I went. Oh no, not now. HR block said we get back 11measley dollars on the free e-file thing. When I filled it out on the actually tax form, it was $450. We were reeeeally hoping for more considering we had a kid and payed in a shit ton, like damn near 6 grand. We are going to have to pay to get this done. I'm going to be hella pissed if we pay to get our taxes done and get back a crappy 11 bucks. Ugh! 

My son has discovered his hands. This is all well and good, except he tries to fit his whole damn hand in his mouth. First time he did that while he was crying it about scared the bajesus out of me. Its this muffled crying and I just knew he had somehow got stuck somewhere and was suffocating. Little turd.

I've been loading up Lynda with downloaded stuff. She got this hella awesome external hard drive for $35 at Circuit City. Can you say suweeeeeet! Once we get all the hospital bills paid off, we will have more money for fun stuff. The only stuff we have to buy for Miles are formula and diapers. Thankfully he wears the next to cheapest diapers and a not super expensive formula. They don't make a generic of it, but thats ok. I have enough clothes that I really don't have to buy anything for the 1st year. Of course I still do :) Eventually I will make it to Kid to Kid and get him some goodies to play with. We have a sweet deal with my aunt watching him no more than 3 days a week. I would like to start saving up for a house.

If one more person tells me we need to buy a house I just might punch them. Yes, I understand that houses are hella cheap. It doesnt matter how cheap they are when you dont have the money for them. That's like telling a homeless guy McDonalds has a dollar menu. This 100% financing, interest only loans are crazy to me. If we can't put a down payment down we arent buying it. Plus, we havent decided where to live til we are old and fat yet. Why buy and then need to sell in 5 years. Call me crazy but If you dont have the money, you shouldnt get it. This is why I havent had more than $200 on a credit card in years.

I hope it doesnt ice oer tomorrow. I have to work late and my aunt will have Miles. I dont like the idea of me driving in it, leaving work early or Miguel working in it. I'm a worrier, what can I say :) 
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organizational nerd alert! [Jan. 9th, 2009|11:39 am]
Ok, I have a problem. I am a weird organizer. I love lists and order and things to be lined up neatly. At work, I stay this way. At home, well, not so much. I have really nitpicky ways of doing things at home though. The way towels are folded and stacked and the way t shirts are folded. My systems make perfect sense and are asthetically pleasing. While watching Big Bang Theory, I saw Sheldon using a t shirt folder and I thought it was magical. Miguel ordered it for me and it came in today! Here it is :)  In the what others bought section? Big Bang Theory on DVD. At least I'm not the only organizational nerd out there.
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